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About us

Who are we
Climbing against MS is a foundation with the aim of raising funds and sponsors for research projects aimed at the quality of life for Mutiple sclerosis (MS) patients on short and long term to improve.

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Use of funds

It’s all about maximum transparency. Clear communication about the benefits raised and spending of these benefits, is essential to gain and maintain confidence. Our goal is to redirect as much of the money raised by our participants to the final projects. You can find more information on this subject in our core values.

We spend the money collected by the participants of MoveS Flagship Events and participants of Your MoveS on selected projects that ultimately deliver the greatest possible benefits for MS patients now and in the future.

We work closely with the existing MS organizations such as the Dutch ‘Nationaal MS Fonds’ and MS Research. Their Advisory Board and Scientific Council help us to nominate projects to which funds raised by MoveS will be allocated to. They will also do the final check on allocation of the funds.

We have decided to work this way because MoveS is an independent fundraiser initiative and should stay independent. We will not find the cure for MS, but we will raise the funds for research needed to achieve this goal.

By working with existing organizations, that have specialized boards and councils, MoveS avoids additional overhead costs and can spend the money raised on projects that will ultimately result in the greatest benefits for MS patients, now and in the future.

MoveS wants people to create their own projects, their own MoveS. We understand that this might result in a situation where an initiator has a specific project he or she wants the funds allocated to. In this case we will consult on if and how funds can be allocated.

On short term we hope to give you more detailed information on selected projects and initiatives.