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Climbing Mont Blanc for MS research

  door Anja H

€ 435

Doel € 1.000






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Donations on July 13  - 1.012,95 Euro in total so far, thank you! 

( unfortunately donations made via credit card and bank transfer do not show up in the system this page uses)

International supporters:

You can now also donate via credit card, please click here . Thank you! 


Waarom ligt dit project je nauw aan het hart? / Why is this project close to your heart?

It only takes a few words to change your entire life and to turn your world upside down.

I heard the words " You have MS" in June 2012 and didn't know what to expect as I had no idea what MS is except the typical stereotypes I fight against every day. MS has made me a better person and I want to motivate others with MS not to give up on their goals and dreams - everything is possible!

4 years ago I could barely hold my fork to eat and slept 18 hours a day, these days I'm training 6 days a week to climb Mont Blanc in July.

You can follow my adventure on my Stumbling Princess page and on Mission Summit itself. 

Wat is uw doel? / What is your goal?
There's still no cure for MS and it is a very tricky disease, the cause is still unknown. I hope to raise even more donations than the minimum goal of Euro 1.000,00 as every cent is needed for MS research and in this case for VUmc's "Project Y".

MS is also called the "snowflake disease" as every patient experiences different symptoms and it is an unpredictable disease. Some patients have only a few relapses in their life and hardly any disability while others might have an aggressive onset right from the beginning and no one knows why! That's what "Project Y" ( "Why") tries to find out, potential triggers for an onset or what might cause these different progressions in order to find new therapies and improve the quality of life for us living with MS.

(...and last but not least, I want to make it to the top of Mont Blanc and scream of JOY!)

*** This site only accepts donations via iDeal/ Dutch bank accounts, please read instrutions for international donations below***


If you would like to support us and donate without a Dutch bank account,

you can directly wire transfer your donation to Mission Summit or donate by credit card . Thank you!

beneficiary name: "Stichting Mission Summit"

( address:  van der Vinnestraat 20 Rood, 2023 AH Haarlem)

reference:  "Mission Summit Anja"  (to make sure I hit my goal ;) )

IBAN: NL37 INGB 0005 3287 28



Thank you for your support! 


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Spenden aus dem Ausland können allerdings direkt an Mission Summit überwiesen werden oder per Kreditkarte abgewickelt werden. Vielen Dank!    

Empfänger: "Stichting Mission Summit"

Verwendungszweck: "Mission Summit Anja"

IBAN: NL37 INGB 0005 3287 28


( Adresse: van der Vinnestraat 20 Rood, 2023 AH Haarlem)

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Sophie Kollewijn-Hopkins

€ 30


Erik Van Ballegoij

€ 100


Ineke Berger

€ 50

Heel veel succes allemaal, jullie kunnen het!


Camilla Ramberg

€ 50


Eduard Schellart

€ 25

Soo cool what you re doing. Really respect it! Lets go Freezelab (or shall we try infrared sauna?) again soon. Get your body in topshape for the mountain!


Zhenya Yaneva

€ 30


Coen Westerveld

€ 5


Letty Faas

€ 20

Succes met de klim! MS-free world moves me :)


David van Dijk

€ 50


Keren Hirsch

€ 50

You go girl! Best of luck with the Climb!
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  • Zhenya - 10/06/2017

    Good luck with the climb, Anja :) Respect for all the moves you set!
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